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Disabling ThinPATH PC and returning to the standard Windows desktop.

To easily switch back to the standard Windows desktop:
  • Under the Windows Style UI, Select Start/Settings. Under the Windows Based Terminal Style UI, Press F2 when the Connection Manager is visible on the screen. Doing so will bring up the ThinPATH PC Properties window

  • Expand the ThinPATH PC entry in the tree view on the left and click on "Return To Windows Desktop"

  • Select the checkbox that appears on the right for "Return PC to Windows Desktop"

  • Reboot your PC or log out and back in

NCD ThinPATH Properties Window


If the Connection Manager, shown below, is not visible on the screen, press Ctrl+Alt+End simultaneously. From there, press F2 to get to the ThinPATH PC Properties screen.

ThinPATH PC Connection Manager window