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NCD ThinPATH® teemtalk

Easy Access to Legacy Systems for ThinSTAR by Neoware Windows-based Terminals

Download NCD ThinPATH teemtalk Evaluation Software

  • Direct connections from legacy hosts to ThinSTAR by Neoware Windows-based terminals
  • Terminal emulation for DEC VT, IBM TN3270e, IBM TN5250, Wyse 50/60, Tandem 6530, HP 2622A, HP 2392A and HP 700/92
  • Hot-key between full screen host session and Microsoft Windows NT session
  • Intuitive user interface for simple installation, configuration and use
Ideal Character Terminal Upgrade
NCD ThinPATH teemtalk extends the reach of the ThinSTAR Windows-based terminals to include virtually any legacy host environment. Installed and running on ThinSTAR Windows-based terminals, NCD ThinPATH teemtalk software provides full screen legacy emulation to your enterprise host platforms. Connections are created directly between the ThinSTAR Windows-based terminal and the target host computer with no dependency on the NT server (other than the initial install)—even after restarting the ThinSTAR Windows-based terminal.

NCD ThinPATH teemtalk—Access to IBM, DEC, Tandem, and other legacy hosts
NCD ThinPATH teemtalk allows users of ThinSTARs to access applications and data on host systems including mainframes, IBM AS/400 systems, Digital VAX, Tandem and UNIX systems.

NCD ThinPATH teemtalk provides terminal emulation for standard, text-oriented protocols including ANSI, DEC VT, WYSE 50/60, Televideo and others. For connections to mainframe hosts, these telnet terminal emulation protocols are also available: TN3270e, TN5250, Tandem, and ATT4425.

Optional system administration software for NCD ThinPATH teemtalk runs on the NT server to define configuration files that can be flashed to multiple ThinSTAR Windows-based terminals simultaneously.

This utility enables the System Administrator to create a single keyboard map or connection file that will be used by groups of users of the ThinSTAR Windows-based terminal.

ThinPATH Manager users can automatically configure the emulator locally on an ThinSTAR and then use ThinPATH Manager to display the terminal setup.

World-class technical support

NCD and NCD Diamond Partners provide a decade of experience in thin client computing. As a company, NCD is committed to maintaining an expert support staff that is trained and certified on all current product technologies, including Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame.

Technical Specifications

Windows NT Server Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 server
  • ThinSTAR Terminal Management Services
Minimum ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal Requirements
  • All NCD ThinSTAR terminals
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
NCD ThinPATH teemtalk—
  • ANSI, ANSI with SCO Extensions, ANSI-BBS
  • DEC VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220, VT320, VT420
  • Televideo 925/950
  • Wyse 50/60
  • IBM TN3270E, TN5250E, 3151
  • tANDEM 6256, 6530
  • HP 2622A, 2392A, 700/92
  • Hazeltine 1500
Keyboard Mapper
  • Included in all packages
Network Connectivity
  • Telnet (TCP/IP)