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NCD ThinPATH Evaluation Software

Please Note: We have been making modifications to our eval process and have experienced some difficulties in the process. If you have not received your evaluation license key within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) please contact us via email at and let us know which product you are evaluating.

If you already have a Windows Terminal Server network with PCs or ThinSTAR by Neoware Windows-based Terminals, you can download NCD ThinPATH evaluation software and try it out for 30 days.

To request evaluation software, or get evaluation license keys, please fill out the form below.

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NCD ThinSTAR Operating Software with ThinSTAR Management Service (TMS) is required for using these products with NCD ThinSTAR terminals. It is NOT needed for PC-only versions of NCD ThinPATH software.

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