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Frank Bernard
Director, Sales & Marketing
Terri Pond
Director, Marketing
Intelligent Decisions

NCD's ThinPATH Software Now Available to Federal Customers Through Intelligent Decisions' SEWP III Contract

Portland, OR - March 4, 2003 - Network Computing Devices, Inc. ((NCD) (OTC: NCDI.PK)), a leading producer of thin-client solutions, today announced the availability of its ThinPATH software to federal customers through Intelligent Decisions'(ID) SEWP III contract.

SEWP is a Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) offering a wide range of advanced technologies to all federal agencies (including the Department of Defense) and their authorized contractors. Intelligent Decisions was the only small business awarded two contracts from NASA for SEWP III in Class 10, Computer Support Devices, and Class 12, Security Systems and Tools.

NCD's ThinPATH Software and NC900s are approved products on the Class 10 contract. NASA estimates the maximum SEWP III contract value to be $4 billion over five years.

In order to streamline this acquisition process, ID has just launched the first federal contract vehicle that enables government agencies to easily and quickly select and purchase advanced technology, such as NCD's ThinPATH PC, ThinPATH Portal and ThinPATH Executive software.

NCD has been supplying thin-client solutions via the SEWP contract since its inception in 1991 with X Terminals such as the NC900 Series. Now NCD will offer its ThinPATH software suite, including ThinPATH PC and ThinPATH Portal, which offer a unique approach to providing flexible desktop management and control to PCs. Customers benefit from simplifying the desktop, using existing or new PC hardware, reducing the cost of ownership of their infrastructure and can increase the number of desktops they manage without having to increase staff. All of these enhanced efficiencies and cost-saving benefits can be realized immediately, an important consideration in today's tough economic climate.

ThinPATH PC converts PCs into flexible, manageable thin-client desktops. This solution transforms a PC into the ultimate thin-client device that can support environments that need the locked-down desktop control of a thin client while maintaining the flexibility of a PC for local application support and I/O. Additionally this is a "future-proof" solution that prepares organizations for future application demands because it is built on standard PC architecture.

ThinPATH Portal is an application installed on a Windows 2000 server that centrally manages thin-client PCs enabled with ThinPATH PC and other selected thin-client devices. Single-point management control includes automated software updates, group-managed configuration and connection settings. ThinPATH Portal uses standard Internet technology to enable operation across existing firewalls and network structures.

ThinPATH Executive is a bundled software package that allows remote desktop mirroring and interaction, provides local I/O support such as printing and audio in/out for thin clients and enables the use of local storage in a thin-client environment. ThinPATH software can be procured immediately through Intelligent Decisions' SEWP (Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement) III contract.

In addition to NCD's software solutions, Intelligent Decisions will continue to offer the NCD family of X Terminals. Available are the N916-WW, N948-WW, N980-WW and the NCBridge software. Unique to the marketplace, the NC900 Business Network Computer combines the best of evolutionary and revolutionary thin client technology to deliver a proven computing solution at an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. When combined with NCBridge software, the NC900 offers simultaneous windowed access to a local Netscape Navigator browser, X11 clients, PC applications, Java and legacy applications. Using the local ICA client, the NC900 can access Microsoft Windows 2000 applications running Citrix MetaFrame software.

"In order to give customers what they need in today's economy, we are providing solutions that greatly simplify the complexity of the desktop and leverages the power of server-based computing," explained Frank Bernard, director of NCD North America sales. "This will allow them to easily expand their computing environment to meet increasing support demands and do it with existing personnel." Companies will discover that this approach meets their IT needs better and more cost-effectively than investing in comprehensive PC management tools that require dedicated developer and support staff, plus additional prerequisite systems that may be difficult to install in a distributed system. This is the first step in a whole new way to manage thin client and PC environments using web services technologies, and NCD is very pleased to be making this important new solution available today."

Pricing and Availability:
For more information about purchasing NCD products through the Intelligent Decisions (ID) SEWP III contract, visit ID's special SEWP III web site, or call toll free 866.803.SEWP (7397).

About Intelligent Decisions:
Founded in 1988, Intelligent Decisions (ID) provides a broad range of IT hardware, software and service solutions to the federal government and Fortune 1000 customers. ID also offers comprehensive professional service capabilities including IT security, web site design and integration, applications development, business intelligence and networking solutions. ID is headquartered in Chantilly, VA and can be found at or by calling toll-free 800-929-8331

About NCD:
Founded in 1988, Network Computing Devices, Inc., supplies information access and management products that extend server-based computing to give customers a competitive edge and a better bottom line. Over one million NCD thin clients are installed with over 3 billion hours of operation. The company can be reached on the Internet at:


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