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NCD Diamond Partner Program Overview

At NCD, partners are a key element in our ability to serve enterprise customers. In order to achieve this goal, we have put together a comprehensive program designed to help you and us make the most of our customer relationships. We believe that building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are a key ingredient to customer satisfaction, increased sales and profitability.

As a reflection of our commitment, NCD offers to its selected partners a program that delivers the tools and programs necessary to lead in this market, and enhance our partners' product offerings to better serve their client base.


I ) Partnership Categories

The NCD Diamond Partner Program has several levels of participation to match reseller partners and their business objectives to their desired commitment level:

  • NCD Authorized Partner

  • NCD Select Partner

  • NCD Thinfrastructure Partner (NTP)

  • NCD Distributor Partner

The entry level, NCD Authorized Partners, combine their customer, product, and industry knowledge with NCD's Thinfrastructure solution offering to deliver thin-client solutions to the market. They demonstrate an interest in expanding their relationship with NCD by their commitment to sell and support NCD products.

NCD Select Partners have demonstrated a commitment to NCD over a period of time. They have proven their expertise in the server-based computing / thin-client market and have committed sales, marketing and technical resources to NCD's Thinfrastructure solution products. NCD Select Partner authorization is at the discretion of NCD.

NCD Thinfrastructure Partners (NTP) are appointed based on highest commitments to NCD and its Thinfrastructure solution concept.

NCD Distributor Partners are appointed by NCD based on a number of requirements and commitments as detailed in NCD' s Distribution Agreement.

II ) Partner Requirements

We require from all levels of partnerships certain skills and experience commensurate with their level of partnership. These include:

  • Expertise in selling and supporting server-based computing and / or thin-client solutions

  • Focus on providing and implementing vertical or horizontal, turn-key solutions using server-based computing / thin-client solutions

  • Focus on selling and / or consulting to enterprise and large organizations including vertical markets

  • Certain minimal sales and technical resources as listed in the NCD Diamond Partner Program Summary below

III) NCD Diamond Partner Benefits

NCD Diamond Partners invest a substantial amount of their resources to NCD and the marketing of NCD's Thinfrastructure Solution products. To support their efforts, NCD offers a number of resources to help their partners provide solutions to the customers in an efficient and profitable manner:

1) Marketing Support

All NCD Partners are listed on NCD's web site; NCD Select/NTP Partners have links to their own website in addition. NCD Select, NTP and Distributor Partners are entitled to use the NCD and NCD Diamond partner logo on their offers, mailings, advertisements, data sheets and other promotional material. They receive leads generated by NCD's marketing promotions. All NCD Partners have access to NCD's Diamond Mine to find additional sales and marketing material, product announcements, and newest developments.

2) Training

NCD Select, NTP and Distributor Partners are required to have representatives attend basic sales and technical training courses and receive a training certificate. Additional training is offered as new products and updates are released from time to time. All training material is made available to Select Partners through Diamond Mine, the NCD partner website.

3) Sales Support

NCD focuses on a "team selling approach". This is based on the assumption that the NCD Partner "owns" the project. NCD assists its partners in its sales efforts with sales and technical support including presentations, downloads, pilot installations, etc. NCD works with Select, NTP and Distributor Partners on projects with special pricing requirements.

4) Reporting / forecasting

At the beginning of each financial year NCD will establish a business and marketing plan with its NTP and Distributor Partners. Regular reporting and forecasting help to monitor the defined targets, to take the necessary actions to achieve the common goals and to adapt the business plan to the changing environment. NCD also encourages input and feedback from its Partners on its products and programs in order to ensure its ongoing optimization process to the mutual benefit of both parties.

5) Demo Equipment

The latest version of NCD's Thinfrastructure solution software products can be downloaded from NCD's website. For NCD's hardware, special promotions are offered from time to time to allow NCD Partners to acquire demo equipment at special pricing. Often these promotions are connected to the introduction of new hardware products or the acquisition of new customer projects.

6) Market Development Fund (MDF)

NCD has established a MDF program for its Thinfrastructure Solutions Software Products. NCD Select, NTP and Distributor Partners can use funds in proportion to the revenue generated with NCD's software products to finance certain pre-approved marketing activities such as exhibitions, road shows, mailings, seminars, etc. Details can be found in the NCD MDF Program Overview, in NCD's Diamond Mine.

IV ) Application Process

The registration to NCD's Diamond Partner Program is straightforward:

  1. 1. Complete an application ( NCD will review the application for suitability including geographic coverage, vertical market segment coverage, sales skills, and technical skills. NCD will conduct an interview to establish the partner's market position and capabilities. If approved, NCD will issue a "NCD Authorized Partner" authorization code.

  2. Attend the NCD Product training class (required for NCD Select/NTP Partner level). This one-day class provides an introduction to NCD products. Contact your NCD sales manager for class schedule information. NCD Select Partners need to have one representative on staff (two for NTPs and Distributors) that has attended the one-day class and received a training completion certificate. The training completion certificate key must be registered to obtain a "NCD Select Partner"/NTP authorization code.

  3. Enjoy the benefits of NCD's Diamond Partner Program. Don't forget to use your authorization code when placing orders with our NCD Distribution Partners or directly with NCD if you are an NTP.

V ) NCD Diamond Partner Program Summary

To become a NCD Diamond Partner, a company must meet the following minimum requirements:




Complete Enrollment Form

o o o

Provide Primary Contact

o o o

Formal Business Plan and Forecast

  o o

Revenue Commitment Per Year

$100k $250K $500K

Individuals Through Technical Training

1 2 1

Participate In NCD Sales Training

o o o
Primary Focus on NCD Products . o o o o

Post NCD Partner Logo On Web Site

.  .
o o o


This table shows the benefits you are eligible to receive based upon the partnership level you have developed with NCD. Please see the appropriate program section for explanations of each benefit.





Purchase Through Distribution

NCD Sales Support Inside Sales Rep Regional Manager Regional Manager Regional Manager

Joint Selling Opportunities / SPQs

  o o o

Participate In MDF program

1% of eligible revenue
2% of eligible revenue
2% of eligible revenue

NCD Provides Sales Training

  o o o

Discount On Technical Training Courses

10% 20% 20% 20%

Access To "Diamond Mine"

o o o o

Receive Leads from NCD Account Managers

o o o o o o

Detailed Joint Business Planning And Tracking

  o o

Listed On NCD Site as Partner

Listing Link Link Link

Discount on Demo Equipment (Hardware only)

o o o o

Collateral Available For Customization

o o o o

Receive Regular NCD Communications

o o o o

Right To Use NCD Partner Logo

Authorized Logo Diamond Logo Diamond Logo Diamond Logo

Presales Technical Support

Corporate Technical Support Direct to Sales Engineer Direct to Sales Engineer Direct to Sales Engineer

Discount on Incident Support

10% 30% 30% 30%

Note:    In the tables above, symbols correspond as follows:


o  indicates a requirement or benefit
oo  indicates a higher level of requirement or benefit


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