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NCD NC900 Series Business Network Computers

The NC900 Series offers the broadest support for today's web, UNIX, Windows and legacy application access requirements, with expandability to meet tomorrow's needs

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  • Unparalleled support for distributed processing
  • Local Netscape NC Navigator browser
  • Simultiple Color ™
  • Java™ 1.1 virtual machine
  • Broad application support
  • X11 and legacy system access
  • Remote management
  • Flexible boot technology

Proven Thin Client Technology for Today's Business

In the rapidly evolving world of information technology and business computing, one thing has not changed. The desktop client is still the single most critical interface between your business systems and your people. NCD continues to bring leadership and expertise to the market in support of this critical interface. The NC900 Series Business Network Computers are designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of business at the desktop, providing complete and low-cost access to your enterprise business systems. As networked business systems evolve and grow, the desktop support of enabling technology becomes critical. The NC900 brings all the power of your business enterprise to every desktop through local web browsers, Java and X11 technology, distributed processing support, broad application and legacy access, and multimedia support.

Unparalleled Support forDistributed Processing

The NC900 brings the power of a local processor to each desktop. Selected applications that provide access to network servers run locally on the NC900. This allows off-loading of server processes and the network, freeing them up for complex business-related applications rather than simple access processing. Because the NC900 has local processing capabilities, user and task specific processing can be distributed locally where it is more efficient.

Local Netscape NC Navigator Browser

The NC900 supports a local Netscape NC Navigator browser for accessing web-based applications. Users will appreciate the overall improvement in response time made possible by running the browser locally. With Netscape NC Navigator, users may access informative web sites, check email, access Usenet news, or execute local Java applets. Custom business applications are accessed through the standard web protocols provided within the browser.

Simultiple Color ™

The NC900 offers Simultiple Color-an industry-first capability -which supports simultaneous multiple color depths. With Simultiple Color the NC900 is the first thin client to display browser images with accurate color fidelity without interfering with other applications'colors. The NC900 supports the simultaneous display of both 8-bit and 24-bit color applications. This feature allows either a local or host-based Netscape Navigator browser to be displayed in 24-bit color while 8-bit color applications are simultaneously displayed on the same screen.

Java 1.1 Virtual Machine

A Java 1.1 virtual machine is included in the local Netscape NC Navigator on the NC900. This enables business applications to make use of distributed processing by downloading Java applets to run locally on the NC900.

Broad Application Support

The NC900 provides simultaneous windowed access to a local Netscape NC Navigator browser, X11 clients, PC applications, Java, and server-based applications running on most major systems. Business systems such as web servers, application servers, file servers, mail servers, or database servers can be accessed easily and simultaneously. The NC900 also comes standard with an ICA client for accessing your favorite PC applications on a network server.

X11 and Legacy System Access

The NC900 supports access to X11 applications via an X11R6.1 Xserver. Additional legacy systems may be accessed simultaneously through a series of terminal emulation packages that execute locally. Users may access applications using local IBM 3270E and 5250, DEC VT220 and DEC VT340 emulators.

Remote Management

The NC900 series can be easily configured and managed from a central remote configuration file. And, with a local HTTP server, a system administrator can easily interrogate, identify and resolve incorrect NC parameter settings from a remote location using any Internet browser. Support for SNMP MIBII is also available.

Flexible Boot Technology

The NC900 series supports a variety of boot methods, including the ability to boot across the network or to boot from local flash memory. Also supported is the ability for one NC to boot from another NC's flash memory. This technique of "buddy booting" or "peer booting" provides a low-cost method of booting NCs at a remote location, where only one NC requires the additional flash memory.

World-Class Technical Support

NCD and NCD Technology Certified Resellers have a decade of experience in thin client computing. Backed by formal service level agreements with Microsoft and Citrix, a range of support services are available.