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NCD NCBridge Software
NCBridge allows you to migrate from today's UNIX and legacy applications to tomorrow's cutting-edge Web-based technologies

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  • Industry-leading browser
  • Optimum Java™ solution
  • Open industry standards
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Broadest, most flexible
  • solution available
  • Worldwide service and support
NCD NCBridge Software
The key differentiator among today's network computers is software. NCD NCBridge software, teamed with NCD network computers, delivers today's technology, like a local web browser, Java virtual machine, and true full motion digital video, as well as legacy application access. With support for optimum distributed processing, NCD NCBridge delivers desktop solutions that enable your business to operate more efficiently than ever. The NCD NC powered by NCD NCBridge reduces host workload and network traffic, improves information system response time, and increases user productivity levels.

Industry-Leading Browser
NCD NCBridge delivers the industry-leading Netscape NC Navigator browser. The browser includes support for e-mail, news, and local Java applet processing via an embedded Java virtual machine. With a local browser, users are guaranteed consistent and reliable browser performance throughout the day. And as web-based applications become more prevalent, browser-based thin client solutions will save businesses time and money.

Through the Netscape NC Navigator, NCD NCBridge also supports kiosk mode, ideally suited for providing novice users the ability to access internal web servers or the Internet. Kiosk mode allows a system administrator to customize the browser interface to meet specific needs. A network computer running in kiosk mode can deliver a consistent, tamper-proof interface for enabling customers access to the Internet from hotel lobbies, airport terminals, libraries, or other public arenas.

For advanced multimedia needs, NCD NCBridge enables NCD NCs to display full motion networked digital video within the browser window. Features like pause and rewind enhance user productivity by supporting the ability to view training videos at the desktop while handling other tasks.

Optimum Java Solution
The Java virtual machine (JVM), included in Netscape NC Navigator, fully equips the NCD NC to deliver the benefits of industry standard Java and the promise of Òwrite once, run anywhereÓ. With local Java processing available on the client, host servers and network traffic can be significantly reduced, bringing increased productivity to your users. Java brings flexibility, investment protection, and leading edge technology to your business.

Open Industry Standards
In addition to offering the industry-leading browser, NCD NCBridge also includes a complete suite of local clients and tools based on open industry standards. NCD NCBridge clients can display industry standard file formats, such as HTML, GIF, and JPEG, as well as MPEG-1 digital videos. For accessing remote files from across the network, NCD NCBridge offers a wide range of standardized protocols, like HTTP, NFS, TFTP, FTP, and DAP.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
NCD NCBridge delivers productivity tools to ensure system manageability and flexibility. The total cost of ownership for systems can be significantly reduced by centralized management. NCD NCBridge delivers tools to enable configuration of all NCs from a centralized configuration file. In addition, the Web-based Administrator allows system administrators to identify and resolve incorrect NC parameter settings from anywhere on the network using a standard Internet browser. Security features are available to avoid unintended configuration changes.

Broadest, Most Flexible Solution Available
NCD NCBridge includes a wide variety of local terminal emulators for accessing legacy applications, such as IBM 3270E and 5250, and DEC VT220 and VT340. Users can simultaneously access legacy applications as well as X11R6 and Windows NT applications. The local ICA client provides access to PC applications, including audio and local floppy disk support for the NC.

For remote access, NCD NCBridge enables remote users to connect their NCs to the network via PPP. With flash memory, a network computer can be configured to power-up and automatically dial into a network. User-specific parameter settings may be saved into NVRAM memory so novice users can easily log on to their favorite application server without having to navigate a complicated login procedure.

NCD NCBridge also provides the most comprehensive set of tools for accessing any data (including digital video) from the widest array of host types (IBM, Sun, HP, SCO, SGI, Digital and Windows NT) at the lowest cost.

World-class Technical Support
NCD and NCD Technology Certified Resellers provide a decade of experience in thin client computing. Backed by formal service level agreements with Microsoft and Citrix, you can choose from a wide range of services that cover the entire thin client environment.

NCD - The Thin Client Experts
NCD NCBridge software is predicated on NCD's decade of experience in meeting customer needs with industry-leading hardware and software technology. A good deal of our success is the result of close working relationships with companies like Citrix™, NCI™ and Pericom™.