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NCD Thin Client PC™ solution is the right choice to gain complete control of your PC desktops and reduce management costs of PCs today.

A Thin Client PC is a PC coupled with software to make it look and function like a standard thin client. Thin Client PCs provide all the advantages of thin clients such as ease-of-management, reliability and increased control while avoiding the known limitations associated with typical thin-client devices. The Thin Client PC solution is secure by definition and can support environments that need the locked-down desktop control while still maintaining the flexibility of a PC for local application and I/O support.

The Thin Client PC solution is perfect for all organizations that require a full-function local Internet browser, local applications and want to access the proven benefits of server-based computing such as greater control, scalability and cost containment. IT teams also find this solution ideal for terminal replacement or kiosks projects, which can be implemented prior to investing in Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix MetaFrame.

The NCD Thin Client PC solution is comprised of any personal computer (PC) combined with NCD ThinPATH PC and ThinPATH Portal to create the ultimate thin-client solution for customers. Built to work with a standard Microsoft Windows operating system, the NCD Thin Client PC solution is inherently flexible with a PC at its core and cost-effective when managed by NCD ThinPATH Portal software.

Thin Client PC Datasheet (pdf)