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NCD ThinPATH® Desktop Mirror

Remote support for your enterprise desktops

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Only NCD offers a solution that remotely mirrors an entire thin client desktop over your TCP/IP network. NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror shares RDP or ICA sessions, terminal emulation sessions and set-up screens between NT Servers, PCs and/or ThinSTAR by Neoware Windows-based Terminals.

  • Compatible with multiple session protocols including ICA, RDP, and X Windows
  • Shares the complete desktop including terminal properties screens on the ThinSTAR terminal
  • Supports TCP/IP and WAN networks
  • Multi-level security process protects desktops from unauthorized access
  • Accommodates differences between console and desktop display and keyboard configurations
  • Remotely manages and shadows unattended desktops with a central access password
  • Simple to install, use, and configure using NCD and Microsoft NT thin client architectures
Mirror desktop activity from PCs and Windows-based Terminals to your desktop
Deploying personnel to support and configure individual desktop devices throughout an enterprise is costly and inefficient. I.T. departments need a solution that enables remote, centralized desktop support for Terminal Server Edition installations. NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror allows viewing and manipulation of individual desktops through mouse and keyboard input by one or several remote users.

This NCD solution is unique to the market in that the complete desktop can be shared regardless of the type of information being presented. For example, the remote viewer can see ICA and RDP sessions, as well as, the low-level hardware set-up screens on the ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal. This makes NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror the perfect support solution for help-desk, classroom and kiosk environments.

Other shadowing solutions are limited to the display of only remote Windows sessions, not the entire desktop environment.

More network connectivity with minimum network traffic
NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror supports Windows 2000, NT Server 4.0, NT Workstation 4.0, and Windows 98/95 PC desktops and ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals.

While providing robust, remote support for networked desktops for applications such as technical support, training, and remote administration, ThinPATH Desktop Mirror also minimizes incremental network traffic by controlling the transfer of data packets. This ensures that the traffic generated by the mirroring process has minimal impact on the productivity of other networked end users. Controlling the number of screen updates sent from the desktop to the viewer program reduces data traffic, and NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror also compresses the data it sends over the network.

Increase network productivity
NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror gives customers a cost-effective way to:
  • Provide help desk support remotely and without hands-on visits
  • Use a centralized training environment that shares a common desktop with all participants
  • Maintain and configure kiosks from remote locations
  • Support remote customers of Application Service Providers (ASP)
  • Create and review documents with team members from their own desks
  • Give presentations without using a meeting room
World Class Technical Support
NCD and NCD Diamond Partners provide a decade of experience in thin client computing. As a company, NCD is committed to maintaining an expert support staff that is trained and certified on all current product technologies, including Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame.

  • Full access to desktops from remote help desks
  • Enables remote management of unattended kiosks
  • Share instructor desktop concurrently with multiple students
  • Desktop security configuration options
  • Minimum user desktop performance impact
  • No desktop connection to Terminal Server Edtion needed for viewing a client
Server Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition
Desktop Requirements
  • PCs utilizing Windows 2000, NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 98/95
  • ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminals with 16 MB RAM minimum
  • TCP/IP network connection to NT Server Host