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Transform existing PC desktops into thin clients, with no further hardware investment.

ThinPATH PC Datasheet (.pdf)

ThinPATH PC Highlights

  • Reduces desktop cost of ownership
  • Protects PCs from unauthorized changes
  • Performs software distribution over the network
  • Eliminates desktop hardware upgrades
  • Offers flexible configuration options

ThinPATH PC converts legacy PCs to thin clients.

ThinPATH PC software provides access to server-based applications with no additional investment in desktop hardware. NCD's comprehensive understanding of thin client management along with a decade of employing technologies to solve real customer problems comes together to create ThinPATH PC--a dependable, cost-effective solution with minimal impact on existing corporate infrastructure.

Reduce desktop cost of ownership.

A corporate PC user can generally install, update and configure their desktop applications, which can create an I.T. nightmare of help desk calls and service dispatches to deal with ailing PCs. As access to local applications decreases, however, system reliability and stability improves-which translates to fewer demands on overburdened I.T. resources and a lower cost of desktop ownership.

Dedicated user interface protects PCs from changes.

ThinPATH PC presents the end user with a pre-configured user interface that allows access to only designated applications. Unless authorized, users can make no changes to the list of available applications or servers or to the system configuration options. ThinPATH PC also provides the option to disable local log in. In other words, local user login is not required at the PC since all authentications can be centrally managed on the application system.

Software distribution performed over the network.

ThinPATH PC can be distributed to PCs across a wide range of networks. By utilizing Internet Information Services 5.0, software distribution can be tailored to fit both LAN and WAN desktop connections. A web server on the corporate network provides software installation to the PC. To access software that is newly installed on the server, the user simply directs their Internet Explorer browser to a specified location. This process makes it a snap to update software components such as the Citrix ICA client.

Eliminates desktop hardware upgrades.

In almost every case, ThinPATH PC's minimal desktop hardware requirements are met by corporate PC desktops. Which means no cash outlay for additional memory or hard disk space and no further demand on I.T. time for its installation.

Flexibility to work in different environments.

ThinPATH PC supports a wide range of PC network configurations as well as security systems such as virtual private networks. It also works in conjunction with other asset management tools.

Secures the desktop.

ThinPATH PC features a wide range of configuration options that allow the product to be customized for unique environments. To avoid accidental system configurations, some sites may require users to have minimal access to low-level hardware configuration. Other sites may want to restrict presentation of available hosts on the network.

Accommodates server-based or locally installed applications.

With ThinPATH PC, applications run from Citrix MetaFrame, Nfuse, Terminal Services or a web server; however, the program need not be used exclusively for server-based applications. Since certain applications may not run efficiently on a multi-user server, users may need to run them locally. Other users may require access to a specialized local device such as a CD-RW drive. ThinPATH PC offers systems administrators the option to select from a predefined list of local applications or they can create their own unique choices.

Subscription Plus

For customers who want access to the latest software immediately, NCD offers Subscription Plus. With this program NCD automatically provides ThinPATH PC update and patch information to registered participants. NCD also provides Subscription Plus customers with email technical support.

Technical Support

NCD offers a wide range technical support services for customers around the world. Contact your NCD representative for information on specific options available to you.