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Contact Information:

North America
NCD Educational Services
10795 SW Cascade Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97223


Fax: 1-503- 639-2003

NCD Educational Services Underbachstrasse 24
CH-6318 Walchwil Switzerland
+49 7264 2069 0


The Training You Need

NCD provides a variety of educational opportunties so that you can choose the training class that is exactly right for you. Available in one- or three-day sessions, NCD offers training in in the entire ThinPATH software line--including the new ThinPATH PC and ThinPATH Portal. Other training courses include NC terminals, NCBridge software, and ThinSTAR Windows-based terminals.

If you'd like to build your credentials, you'll want to attend NCD's three-day certification course in ThinPATH/ThinSTAR products. At the end of the course, you are designated a NCD Certified Thinfrastructure Adminstrator.

For further information on NCD training products, please choose from the following links:

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