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Contact Information:

North America
NCD Educational Services
10795 SW Cascade Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97223

Phone: 1-503-431-8600
Fax: (503) 639-2003

NCD Educational Services Underbachstrasse 24 CH-6318 Walchwil Switzerland
+49 6074 69494 0


NCD Training Products

Training Description Length
NCD Comprehensive Training ThinPATH Portal, ThinPATH PC, and ThinPATH Executive - In Depth 3 days
NCD Overview Training ThinPATH Portal, ThinPATH PC, and Thinfrastructure - Overview 1 day
NCD NCs/NCBridge Administering and Configuring NCD NCs Using NCBridge 1 day

Note: After successful completion of the NCD comprehensive training you will be designated as an NCD Certified Thinfrastructure Adminstrator (NCTA).

NCD Comprehensive Training

Five comprehensive modules, plus labs (future), teach you how to optimize your use of NCD ThinPATH software in the corporate environment.

  • Find out in detail what a Thinfrastructure is and how it fits in with an IT department's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Learn about NCD ThinPATH Management Portal, the "backbone" of a Thinfrastructure.
  • Get in-depth knowledge on how to use ThinPATH PC to turn your existing PCs into thin clients,
  • Find out how to interface your existing ThinSTAR terminals to the newer ThinPATH software.
  • Learn about NCD ThinPATH Professional - a suite of software that includes: NCD ThinPATH Plus (provides audio and LPT/COM support for desktops), NCD ThinPATH Desktop Mirror - ("mirrors" remote desktops), and NCD ThinPATH Manager (manages legacy ThinSTAR terminals).

At the end of the three-day training, you will be able to successfully take your current infrastructure and plan, deploy, and transform into a Thinfrastructure.

NCD Overview Training

This one-day seminar will teach you to use NCD's ThinPATH family of software, including NCD ThinPATH Management Portal, NCD ThinPATH PC, and NCD ThinPATH Professional.

At the end of the training you will know how to use NCD software to maximize your IT department's efficiency and minimize your Total Cost of Ownership in IT equipment and software.