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Contact Information:

North America
NCD Educational Services
10795 SW Cascade Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97223

Fax: 1-503- 639-2003

NCD Educational Services (Benelux) B.V. Marktplein 222 2132 CW - Hoofddorp Netherlands +31 (0) 235541070

Add NCD Training to your Product Offerings

If product training is important to your company’s business, you’ll want to to become an NCD Training Partner and add NCD courses to your offerings.

To become an NCD Training Partner one or more of your staff must attend NCD's comprehensive training course. This three-day course also provides an NCD Certified Thinfrastructure Adminstrator (NCTA) designation to the student(s).

Once you become an NCD training partner you may market NCD training to your customers. For further details, please consult the NCD Training datasheet.