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NCD TIPs (Technical Information Papers) are brief (usually one page) informative documents on a specific NCD technology or product. Each paper describes a currently available feature and how it can benefit the customer. Take a quick look at these TIPs to help make your job selling NCD solutions easier and more profitable.

For recommended ideas for future TIPs please email us at


  1. Adding Local Applications
  2. Common Questions and Answers

NCD ThinPATH Portal Tips:

  1. Adding Legacy ThinSTAR Support to Portal 3.1
  2. Commonly asked questions and answers

NCD Business Network Computer Tips:

  1. Flexible Booting Process
  2. Secondary Boot Host
  3. Lightning Fast Booting
  4. Central Remote Configuration
  5. Web-based Administrator
  6. Password Protected Setup
  7. Tamper-proof Boot
  8. Remote Reboot
  9. Local Floppy Support
  10. NCD ThinPATH Plus Support
  11. Local Printing Support
  12. DECnet Support
  13. DEC VT Terminal Emulators
  14. IBM Terminal Emulators
  15. Local MWM
  16. Local Xlock
  17. Local Netscape Navigator
  18. Screen Saver for kiosk system
  19. XDM KeepAlive

NCD Legacy ThinSTAR Tips:

  1. Using local passwords on NCD ThinSTARs
  2. Terminal Server Licences
  3. Protecting NCD ThinSTARs from local session changes
  4. Installing New Software
  5. Installing Terminal Emulation Software on the NCD ThinSTAR
  6. Protecting NCD ThinSTARs from local setting changes

NCD Legacy X Teminals (NCD19, HMX,& Explora's):

  1. NCD Techtip Archive