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Purchasing a ThinSTAR


Note: Customers from Europe, Africa and the Middle East should contact NCD to purchase ThinSTAR and Voyager products. North American and Pacific Rim customers interested in ThinSTAR and Voyager products should contact Neoware Systems, Inc. via the web at or by phone at 1.800.neoware (636.9273) in the U.S. or 1.610.277.8300 outside the U.S.

NCD ThinSTAR® Terminals are the right solution to provide an easy to access, easy to manage system.

NCD's ThinSTAR product line offers a robust, feature-rich thin-client solution for accessing your server-based applications. ThinSTAR users have the flexibility to access PC, Web and legacy applications while benefitting from low cost of ownership and ease of management usually associated with thin clients.

ThinSTAR terminals offer the flexibility of working with a network of PCs all centrally managed with ThinPATH Management Portal, allowing you to expand your infrastructure with the best solution for your environment. NCD's new Windows powered thin clients, built on Windows CE, are ready to work with Microsoft.NET services today.

For more information on these evolutionary products please click on the following products to see which are right for your organization.

ThinSTAR 532.NET and 564.NET

NCD's latest Windows-based terminals utilize Microsoft's innovative CE.NET technology. These models feature a local Internet Explorer 5.5 browser, terminal emulation and provide support for RDP and ICA protocols. Datasheet (.pdf)

ThinSTAR 532LX

Featuring the Linux operating system, the ThinSTAR LX532 provides access to X11 applications along with RDP and ICA support.

ThinSTAR Voyager

Voyager is a mobile thin client that frees users to respond to the demands of their jobs while they are away from their desks.. And with server-based computing, Windows- and web-based applications execute just as fast as on the desktop. Datasheet (.pdf)